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2022 Sweatshirt Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide Sep 16, 2022

The right sweatshirt gives you the confidence and comfort you need to tackle any situation. Your customers will choose sweatshirts they can sport on cozy dates, first days of school, unforgettable outings with friends, and long summer nights around the campfire. If you're in search of the perfect sweatshirt to bring your vision to life, look no further. Our 2022 sweatshirt buyers guide is here to help you find the ultimate sweatshirt for your crafting and professional decorating needs.

Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down your sweatshirt options:

What Will You Be Doing With the Sweatshirt?

What are your plans for the sweatshirt? Do you want to design a stylish sweatshirt that's runway-ready or workout attire that's both comfortable and fashion-forward? Do you want to design sweatshirts your customers will be proud to wear to this fall's football games?

Material is important when choosing the right option. Start by considering the purpose of your project when selecting a fabric. For example, you might want a thinner, more breathable fabric if you're looking for a sweatshirt for active use. A thicker material might be ideal if your design includes winter fashion or fall holiday designs.

The most popular types of sweatshirt materials are cotton and polyester. Many sweatshirts contain a mixture of these two, usually listed by percentage. Cotton is better at absorbing moisture than polyester. It's also breathable and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for everyday wear, loungewear and staying cozy in cool weather. Polyester can be more durable than cotton and typically has more room for stretch. This means a precise fit might be more important when using polyester materials. Polyester is also hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't absorb moisture, unlike materials such as cotton, unless it has a technical coating that aids in wicking moisture outside the garment to evaporate which would then make it an ideal material for athleticwear.

Which Decoration Method Will You Be Using?

Your decorating method is another important consideration when choosing the best materials. Picking the right material for your design method will make your project easier and allow you to sell long-lasting products your customers will love. For example, sublimation dyeing works best on sweatshirts made with at least 60% polyester materials.

Cotton sweatshirts are perfect if you plan to use heat transfer vinyl for your project. Screen printing offers the most options and works with most sweatshirt materials.

Are You Looking for a Hoodie or a Crew Neck or Zip-Up?

A sweatshirt's extra features can make or break your design. The perfect sweatshirt doesn't just come in a color your customer loves but also includes pockets or zippers, depending on their preferences. A soft hoodie with pockets is perfect if you're looking to create a design that's both comfortable and functional. A crew neck offers a more snug design, making it a great option for a trendy sweatshirt project. Zip-up sweatshirts can boast athletic or fashionable designs, depending on your creative additions.

Consider the types of designs you plan to use. Hoodies are worn looser, which makes them better choices for larger, less-detailed graphics. Crew necks fall closer to the skin, so they're on point for designs with tons of detail or smaller letters. Zip-up sweatshirts are best for small logos or designs on the upper left- or right-hand corner, as well as larger, more elaborate designs on the back of the sweatshirt.

Are You Looking for a Value-Priced Sweatshirt or Willing to Invest in Quality?

Are you looking for the cheapest option possible, or do you want to splurge for something that has the potential to become your customer's favorite sweatshirt?

We have sweatshirts in our 2022 sweatshirt buyers guide that meet a wide range of price points. If you want to keep your project costs low, we recommend the G180 crew neck or the G185 hoodie. Both are made with durable 50/50 cotton/polyester materials and can handle both heat transfer vinyl and screen printing.

If you want a more premium product capable of lasting through many multiday wears and wash cycles, then we'd recommend our Champion or Bella Canvas brands. One of our favorite Champion sweatshirts is the S700. It's a double dry design made with recycled plastic bottle polyester fibers. While this sweatshirt is super loose and comfortable, the S600 is a more form-fitting crew neck version.

The Bella Canvas brand is a great choice for high-quality sweatshirts. The 3729 is a pullover hoodie with extremely soft materials. It also has kangaroo pockets, which are perfect for holding a smartphone or some easy-to-grab snacks. The 3945 uses the same soft-touch materials but in a crew neck design. Both are unisex, so you can target more customers with whichever one you choose.

Of course, buying in bulk can also get you a better deal, regardless of which sweatshirt brand and material you choose. Place a large order in different sizes, colors, and designs to speed up the time it takes to design, print, and ship your sweatshirts to your customers.

Are Eco-Friendly Materials Important to You?

If you're pumped about using eco-friendly materials, we have lots of great brands for you to check out. Gildan has been focused on environmentally friendly practices for almost 20 years and carries styles in a variety of designs colors and textures. Hanes is not only a well-recognized brand but also has a stellar reputation when it comes to putting the planet first. Its Global Environmental Management System (GEMS) aims to do its part to continually improve the company's environmental footprint.

LAT Apparel takes things a step further by requiring all its suppliers, contractors, and consultants to follow its global-wide business standards. Fruit of the Loom, another well-known sweatshirt brand, recently launched Fruitful Futures, an eco-friendly sustainability plan. We'd recommend any of the brands in our 2022 sweatshirt buyers guide when launching your own environmentally conscious sweatshirt design.

How Our 2022 Sweatshirt Buyers Guide Helps

Graphics, logos, and designs are just one part of your sweatshirt business. While customers will buy a sweatshirt if they like your designs, they're unlikely to wear it daily if it doesn't fit well and isn't comfortable. Choosing the right sweatshirt is the first step in creating the full package: A sweatshirt your customers will love, recommend, and return because they want more!