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8 Reasons Why We Love Gildan G640

Gildan Sep 16, 2022

We can hardly count the reasons we love Gildan G640 at JiffyShirts, including its versatile colors and soft materials that are comparable to higher-priced shirts.

The Gildan G640 is one of our customer favorites, from beginners and professional crafters. Whether you prefer to create your custom T-shirt designs using HTV, sublimation, bleaching, or tie-dye, the Gildan G640 is a top choice. When you choose Gildan G640, you can expect your final project to be stylish and comfortable, all while staying within budget.

Here are a few reasons we love Gildan G640:

Perfect for Bleaching Projects

The Gildan G640 is perfect for bleaching projects. Whether you're bleaching for fun or have lots of customers who love the bleached look, you won't find a product better than the G640 for this purpose. While some G640 shirts are made with 100% ringspun cotton, the heather colors of the Gildan G640 are perfect for bleaching. Bleaching works well on blended materials. The Heather and Blackberry colors are 65% polyester, 35% ring spun cotton which makes them good candidates for bleach dying.

Affordable Price to Fit Any Budget

Even though the Gildan G640 offers superior quality and exceptional bleaching opportunities, it's still extremely affordable. This means you can maximize your profits or create shirts for the whole family without breaking the bank. The more you buy, the cheaper the price!

While the white Gildan G640 tees are the cheapest, additional colors don't cost much more if you prefer to add a pop of style to your designs. At such an affordable price, the Gildan G640 is also perfect for practicing new designs. Stock up on sizes for the whole family, and create a customized wardrobe that will stay on trend all year at a fraction of the price of back-to-school shopping.

Soft-Touch Materials

The Gildan G640 is made with materials that are extremely soft to the touch. These comfortable, buttery soft fabrics are not only perfect for HTV, screenprinting, and bleaching projects, but they're also sure to become your customers' favorite tees. This soft-touch tee maintains its premium quality and comfort even with frequent wash cycles.

The Gildan G640 will become your family's favorite tee — it might even compete with that vintage T-shirt from college that still has a place in your wardrobe. Its premium comfort makes it the shirt you'll always reach for in the morning.

Comparable to the Highly Desirable Bella Canvas 3001C

The Bella Canvas 3001C is one of the most popular HTV and bleaching project products. It's super soft and well-loved by customers. The Gildan G640 is comparable in quality to the Bella Canvas 3001C but comes at a much cheaper price.

So, if you're looking to maximize your profits or have a large bulk order and want to limit costs, the Gildan G640 is a great alternative. Customers have even reported that the Gildan G640 holds up just as long, if not longer, than the Bella Canvas 3001C.

Breathable, Lightweight Design for All Wear Uses

The breathable, lightweight design of the Gildan G640 is sure to make it your go-to shirt. You or your customers can easily wear your favorite G640 designs to the gym or at an outdoor event on a hot summer day. Looking for a flattering design that fits the whole crew and keeps them comfy for a birthday outing? Make sure you check out the Gildan G640.

Ample Colors to Choose From

The Gildan G640 is available in 70 colors. Creating customized designs worlds apart from anything else on the market is simple when you have so many options. Modern, neutral colors like White and Ice Gray are great for minimalist designs or uniforms.

If you want brighter colors for family reunions or holiday shirts, check out some of the bolder G640 options, such as Coral Silk and Antique Heliconia. The long list of colors to choose from also helps you keep your designs fresh, ensuring your customers continue returning for more. Versatility is one of the main reasons we love Gildan G640.

Fashionable Fit

Gildan 640 customers adore its comfortable, fashionable fit. These shirts are slightly longer than other tees, meaning they won't ride up. This makes them perfect for layering over a pair of leggings or as workout gear. You won't have to worry about pulling them down constantly! The soft materials hug your body in all the right places, giving you the confidence you need to tackle the day ahead. All Gildan G640 tees come preshrunk, so you can get right to work creating your designs.

The G500 and G200 are two other popular Gildan tees. When compared to these high-quality ultra cotton shirts, the G640 offers a more fashionable fit. The sleeves are slightly shorter than a traditional tee, giving it a fashion-forward appeal. The G640 is also available in eight sizes and, regardless of which one you select, you can expect a stylish fit. The tapered neck and shoulders paired with the high stitch density mean these shirts are smooth, comfortable, and flattering on every body.

Customer-Loved Design

The Gildan G640 is a customer favorite. Some of the things our customers love about the G640 include its color availability, sizing options, buttery soft-touch materials, and long-lasting durability. These shirts are also likely to become go-to choices and top sellers among your shoppers after placing just one order. Rave customer reviews give the Gildan G640 a 4.9/5 star rating on our website. It's sure to be a hit with your customers, as well!

Why We Love Gildan G640

Place one order, and we're confident you'll discover why we love Gildan G640. This high-quality tee will easily exceed your expectations while providing you with the perfect foundation for creating long-lasting customizable T-shirt designs. We can't wait to see your creations!